The awesome power of becoming emergency-proof

How to feel like you can handle anything that life throws at you

No one wants that nagging thought. The one that gets louder every time the car makes a funky noise. You know the thought, “ Uh oh, how much will it cost to fix that?”

Now imagine no longer having to wrestle with questions like that. Think about how liberating that would be. That’s the power of being emergency-proof. The ability to handle all of life’s curveballs. Let’s look at some ways to make that happen. 

It’s Not An Emergency Fund. It’s A Freedom Fund. 

Emergency-proofing is all about buying ourselves a little freedom from worry. From stress. From anxiety. 

What do we need for that? We recommend $1,000. That will help us not freak out when unexpected stuff happens. 

Okay, we know $1,000 is a lot of money. But it’s not like we have to come up with it overnight. Check out these ideas that we have put together. It will help you get that feeling that you’re ready for all of life’s speed bumps. 

Staying Cool Under Pressure 

Matt and Lisa got home from work one sweltering summer day only to find that the house seemed unusually warm. Matt went to crank up the AC to cool off the house. And they heard the worst noise you could hear in mid-July: nothing. 

The repairman didn’t bring any good news. Repair costs totaled $800. An unexpected $800 bill could result in credit card debt that they’d have to spend months (maybe years) paying off. But not Matt and Lisa. They were able to use their emergency-proof fund to pay for the repairs. Most important, they didn’t have to worry about choosing between credit card debt or having no AC. 

You can see why getting this initial $1,000 together is the first step to emergency-proofing. Now let’s look at why it’s important to get your full emergency-proof number. 

A Sound Idea For Life’s Detours 

Kyle works at the earplug factory downtown. But the rock venue up the street closed and was replaced with a bookstore. Suddenly, you could hear a pin drop in the neighborhood. As a result, the factory experienced a major downturn. The worst-case scenario became a reality for him - he was laid off.  

For a lot of us, a situation like this could send us into a downward spiral. But not Kyle. He had been ready for a detour. He had been putting together an emergency-proof fund to cover things if he was out of a job for a few months. That meant that he didn’t have to take the first job he could find (which paid less and had poor benefits). Instead, Kyle was able to take his time and improve his resume. Using his experience at the earplug factory, he landed a sweet job making headphones that paid him an even better salary. His emergency-proof fund gave him the power to live life on his terms. 

Think about it - you can be so invincible that even unemployment is manageable. How’s that sound? 

Want to figure out your emergency-proof number? Check out our worksheet for all the details.  

These are just a couple of examples of what your emergency-proof fund can do for you. It’s way more powerful than just saving money. It’s buying ourselves the awesome power of handling any unexpected curveballs life throws at us. Imagine how you would think and feel if you had that. 

Looking for more ideas on getting emergency-proof? Check out our other blogs for some simple life hacks.

Confidence + Freedom = Epic

Yep, that's the power of being emergency-proof. Ready to get started? Download the free ebook.

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