Mutual bank benefits

We're a mutual bank

Our mission is simple - to help the people and communities we serve build a better financial future. As a mutual bank, helping individuals and families save for the future and buy homes has been in our DNA for over a century.

We don’t have an owner or any stockholders. We’re mutually owned by the customers who bank with us. All the money we make is re-invested into making home loans and building reserves for the future. Our no-nonsense approach to banking has helped us become one of the largest mutually owned banks in the Midwest, with more than $700 million in assets and over 25,000 customers across Kansas City.

Why we’re here

We believe in prosperity and a home for all. And as a community bank, we’re focused entirely on your success. Our community bankers take the time to get to know you and understand your goals and dreams. They’ll help you with products and services designed to achieve those goals, and provide support and high-fives along the way!

Committed to our community

We believe everyone should prosper. Learn more about how we’re working to make our community stronger – together.

Our Involvement

What we do

We believe in guiding people down the path that leads to prosperity. We have the accounts you need to become emergency-proof, plus the tools you’ll want to be the master of your money.  

Our specialty is helping people like you buy, build, improve and refinance homes. You’ll find we have affordable rates and a wide range of home loan options - more than virtually any other lender.

You've worked hard to build a good life for you and your family. That's why you deserve a bank that is committed to helping you build a better future. Better. Together.

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