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You’ve built up equity in your home over time, so why not put it to work for you? A home equity line of credit (HELOC) uses the available equity to help pay for things like home improvement projects, major purchases, and anything you might need 'just in case.'


  • Low First-Year Rate - 1.99% APR** fixed for 12 months (5.75% APR** thereafter for credit lines of $25,000 or more, 80% CLTV or less.)
  • Ready access to your credit line - Access your money at any time by online transfer or check with no minimum advance amount. Plus, you only pay interest on the amount you've borrowed.
  • Save on fees and closing costs - With no application fees or closing costs for credit lines of $25,000 or more, you'll keep more money in your pocket.

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Home Equity Credit Line Rates

Loan Amount Rate APR* Combined Loan-to-Value
$10,000 or more 1.99% 1.99% Up to 90% CLTV, Fixed for 12 Months**
$10,000 - $24,999 1 Prime + 2.50% 8.00% 90%
$25,000 - $100,000 1 Prime + 1.00% 6.50% 90%
$100,000 - $200,000 Prime + 0.00% 5.50% 80%

1 - For Combined-Loan-to-Values of 80% or less for credit lines of $100,000 or less, subtract 0.50% from rates above.

Prime rate is 5.50%, as of 12/20/2018 as published in the Wall Street Journal

*APR = Annual percentage rate. Minimum interest rate is 3.99% APR. Maximum interest rate is 15.00% APR

**Available on lines of credit of $10,000 or more, up to 90% CLTV (First mortgage balance + Equity Line of Credit Limit / Property appraised value.) After the 12-month introductory period, the APR will vary for the life of the loan. APR may change no more than once per month. As of 9/27/2018, the variable rate for lines of credit varies from Prime to Prime + 2.50% depending on the credit line amount and CLTV, currently 5.50% APR to 8.00% APR. Maximum credit line of $100,000 for loans with a CLTV of 80% or more. Pre-payment fee of $500 may apply to credit lines of $25,000 or more. Subject to credit approval. Property insurance required. Rates are subject to change without notice. Contact First Federal Bank for current rates. Offer available for new MasterLine Equity Lines of Credit only.

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