The Maximum Fun Minimum Cost Money Saving Challenge Weekend

The Maximum Fun Minimum Cost Money Saving Challenge Weekend

Do you have low-to-no-cost fun-seeking skills that are totally ninja? Maybe you have a sixth sense when it comes to getting free stuff. Or you have a knack for finding or creating epic, fun-inducing experiences on the cheap.

Are you ready to put those skills to the test for an entire weekend? Then take the Maximum Fun Minimum Cost Money Saving Challenge. Here are the details:

  • The challenge runs from Friday after work hours through Sunday night.
  • The objective is simple: Have the most fun for the least money.
  • Track what you do along with what you spend.
  • You can use stuff from around the house (like packing a picnic lunch) but you can’t go out purchase things for the weekend in advance. This is about using what you already have and being creative.
  • Report your results in the comments section of the Maximum Fun Minimum Cost Money Saving Challenge Weekend Facebook post.

This challenge is all about testing your resourcefulness. After all, we shouldn’t have to equate fun with money. Maybe you’ll find a free movie or concert. Maybe there is free admission at a museum. Maybe there is an amazing hiking trail just a stone’s throw from where you live. You could plan an educational excursion or an outdoor adventure. Or both. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started as you prepare for your challenge weekend.

Get a partner.

You know the old saying – two heads are better than one. Brainstorm some ideas together. Besides, once you start having all that low-cost fun, you’ll want someone there to share it with.

Challenge your friends.

Who is the most creative money saving fun-seeker in your circle of friends? Maybe it’s time you claimed the crown. Post your weekend results and then challenge your friends to (try and) beat it.

Get a head start.

There are a lot of money saving ways to have fun in town. We’ve put together a list of 8 free things to do in Kansas City. Check it out. You may want to include one or two of these in your weekend plan.

The challenge is on. So get out there and show the world why you are a legendary, money saving funmeister.

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